My teacher is now the head of primary school.

She told the children this is a day to celebrate the fact that girls will change the world and have the power to bring change to this world.


SAWERA held its first International Girls' Day event, in partnership with Asia Girls Campaign, at the middle school in Hayatabad, Peshawar. The focus was on girl’s education, employment, freedom, and equal rights.


TQK is a new established forum of like-minded individuals and organisations wanting to improve the situation of tribal women, children. and communities in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).


Takra Qabayali Khwendeis a Pashto phrase that means "Empowered Tribal Sister", and is a new established forum for those who are keen to improve the situation for tribal women, children and communities in FATA.

SAWERA is a founding member of this forum.


The workshops and trainings always deliver good results. It will be beneficial if such workshops and trainings are arranged on a broader level...

And all this will be possible when donors will provide the opportunities, funds, projects and fully support the organisations.


Ubaidullah is very happy:- "Even my little sister can now carry water from here to the house. Even in our school, a hand pump has been constructed, so now we don’t have to go out of school in the sun to drink water.

This water is cold and clean and it doesn't need to be run through cloth to remove dirt...”


Sept 2012: The aftermath of the summer 2010 floods continues to affect thousands of families across Pakistan.

Access to safe and clean drinking water has been a high risk issue, especially for women and children. Due to unsafe drinking water, health issues occurred, and a number of diseases have spread throughout Pakistan.


Life is so beautiful but it is also full of sorrow....

As I recall the moments I had spent with Farida, one question remains on my mind: how is it possible for us to carry-on after the death of someone close to our hearts and lives?


My vision is to bring together all the women in the world –  unite us in sisterhood, regardless of race, background and culture.

Women are powerful. Women are an intrinsic part of every nation’s identity and destiny.


Following the recent horrific murder of co-founder Farida Afridi, members are more determined than ever to continue to serve the local communities in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

Nearly 20,000 people have benefited from SAWERA's projects, especially women.


On the 4th of July 2012, Farida Afridi was travelling from her home near Peshawar to her NGO office.

She was under no illusion that a simple daily journey to work could cost her life. Tragically, on that fateful day, this risk became a reality...

In Khyber Agency, where the murder took place, however, this shooting has been largely ignored.


Prior to the murder of Farida Afridi, co-founder, SAWERA had been training women in conflict resolution, and political and social rights in the light of Islam and the Constitution of Pakistan.

This was the last update before Farida was murdered by militants.