SAWERA-seminarOne day seminar on FATA Reforms and Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) under Communities for Change project.

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This was the last update before the brutal murder of Farida Afridi, RIP, co-founder of SAWERA.

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Women Promote Peace and Security in Khyber Province and Khyber Agency FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)

Conflict-resolution-3One day training on conflict resolution with the women of Khyber Agency under Communities for Change project.Update by Noorzia Afridi, co-founder and CEO, SAWERA, June 2012:

Women Train in Conflict Resolution & Peace Building

SAWERA currently is working in Khyber Agency and in KPK.  In Khyber Agency – with the technical and financial support of Community Appraisal and Motivation Program (CAMP) and the German Embassy.  SAWERA is working under the Communities for Change project on conflict resolution and peace-building, and providing women with awareness on political and social rights in the light of Islam and the Constitution of Pakistan.

  1. Fifteen women of Khyber Agency were trained on conflict resolution.
  2. A seminar conducted in which awareness is given to 24 women on Frontier Crime Regulation ( FCR) and FATA Reforms.
  3. Dialogue was done with 26 women of Khyber Agency regarding peace and security.
  4. Hujra, and Masjids meetings were conducted with community and religious elders on women and children rights in Islam.
  5. To create basic awareness on human rights in the light of Islam and constitution of Pakistan among the youngsters /students of Government Girls High  School Jamrud Khyber Agency while conducting speech competition presented in the front of whole school, where more than 1,200 students were seen at the speech competition. This competition was arranged on 5th May 2012.


Growing in Capacity

SAWERA-DDRDistribution of cash Grant in Charsada for flood affected people. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province”.Now, our organization is growing in its capacity to do work in close coordination with international organizations like Care International in Pakistan. This provided us support to properly maintain all documentations/records of our organization.

After partnership with Care International Pakistan, SAWERA organization streamlined its policies and procedures in right direction. Under this partnership, the organization has completed one project on water sanitation and Health & Hygiene (WASH) in two Union councils: UC Merza Dher and UC Dehri zardad of District Charsada in 2011.


Human-rightsSpeech competition on “Human Rights in the Light of Islam and Constitution of Pakistan" in Government Girls High School Jamrud Khyber Agency under Communities for Change project.SAWERA is carrying out its second intervention covering three components: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), livelihood and water sanitation, and health and hygiene (WASH) to contribute towards the empowerment of women.

This supported us in the trust-building process, as well linkages with other organizations, communities, and donors.

Livelihood Restoration Project

One of our projects'  time duration runs from December 2011 to July 31st 2012 in district Charsada KPK province of Pakistan with Care International in Pakistan (CIP).

Project Details

Name of project: Integrated Humanitarian Assistance for flood affected populations towards livelihood restoration and meeting early recovery needs in District Charsadda Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan, Sawera adh-ii district Charsadda

Duration: from December 1st 2011–July 31st 2012

Location: Five Union Councils  (UC) of district Charsada

  1. UC Mirza Dher
  2. UC Tarnab
  3. UC Hisara Yasinzai
  4. UC Agra of District Charsadda
  5. UC Dehri Zardad


 Target community: Marginalized women, children, disabled, and the economically poor community

Project objectives

  1. Providing support to flood-affected persons through restoration/reviving of their livelihoods in District Charsada of KPK.
  2. Improve access of flood affected women to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services in District Charsada of KPK.
  3. Providing enabling environment to the floods affected people through different Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives, advocacy, institutional building and strengthening, capacity building, awareness and networking at three districts and provincial level of KP.


Achievement of project to date


  1. Cash Grant to 250 farmers completed.
  2. Cash Grant to 75 women completed.
  3. Cash for work 75% completed while payment made to 30% CFW beneficiaries.


Water and Santiation Hygiene (WASH)

  1. Twenty hand pumps completed while procurement for 30 more hand pumps have been completed and its installation will be started by tomorrow.
  2. One sanitation scheme is completed while two sanitation schemes are in process.
  3. 175 Hygiene sessions have been completed.


Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

  1. CBOs (Community-based organizations)  including 20 female and 10 male have been formed.
  2. DRR training, including two males and one female, will be conducted in this month and complete DRR trainings would be accomplished on 20 June 2012.