Conflict-resolution-traininExample of SAWERA's work: a one day training on conflict resolution with the women of Khyber Agency under Communities for Change project.

By Hina Gul, Human Resources Manager, SAWERA

SAWERA Staff Benefit from Governance Workshop

SAWERA staff members recently attended a two days' workshop, “Good Governance”,  which was arranged by CARE International in Islamabad. Different organisations from throughout the country attended this workshop. 

It was an interesting and relevant workshop to the community and stakeholders. Organisations shared different information and ideas about what they actually are doing in the context of governance. 

This was a good step towards the community independence.

Good Governance is Intrinsic to Running a Successful NGO

Governance can be defined a good relationship among the management, community, and other stakeholders. It provides the basic structure and objectives that can meet all the criteria of an organization and management.

Good governance is related to the project activities, project implementation, project sponsorship, and project management. In the absence of good governance, a project cannot be dealt with successfully. Lack of governance is the main cause of a project/programme's failure.

From an organisation's perspective, that workshop raised awareness about the importance of good governance in project management and other activities about how an organisation can implement a project with good governance and how it can be successful.

Each person also received information about their basic role within the organisation and management in the context of good governance. It was useful to get to know about how each individual can polish their organisation's future and how they can involve others to do well.

The workshop was very informative for everyone on different aspects. After the end of workshop we got information that included:

  • What is governance?
  • Why the governance is important in project implementation
  • Main principles of Project Governance and the important to prevent project failure
  • Challenges in governance
  • Different roles in governance
  • How to avoid conflicts in governance in project management
  • Able to address to potential problems
  • Stakeholders' analysis


More Workshops Needed

The workshops and trainings always bring good results and information. It will be good if such workshops and trainings are arranged on a broader level – an international level, for capacity-building and exposure.

And all this will be possible when donors will provide the opportunities, funds, projects and fully support the organisations.

SAWERA needs more opportunities such as this workshop.

Therefore I request on behalf of SAWERA management to the donors that they should support SAWERA however they are able.