Returning to My Village School in Rural Pakistan

International Girls' Day in Goverment Girls Primary School, Hathian #3

By Hina Gul, HR Manager, SAWERA

Back to My Roots

Today I visited my old Government girls’ primary school #3 Hathian of my village Hathian. Hathian is a village and Union Council in Mardan District of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).

There are Buddhist remains at Haji Rehman Kalay Safi Abad. The school building had been constructed on 10 marlas [a Pakistani measurement of area].

There are three rooms in the school, and yet the student population is a strong 300 total and growing –  the building of school is too congested for adjusting to more students.

There is a total of 7 teachers. The school is from grade 1 to grade 5. They still had the same pole of the Pakistani flag - the water pot, the setting sheets and etc. My primary school is still one of the best schools in my region. I spent great time here and very much enjoyed each and every moment with my school friends. 

Sharing My Vision With My Childhood Teacher

My teacher in first grade was a good teacher and she is now the head mistress of primary school.  Still she is a very graceful and decent woman.

When I was crossing over the roads and pathways towards my school I was so excited and nostalgic -  I felt that I was going back towards my childhood again. I felt that there are not many changes in the area and also the school is in same condition. When I entered my school it was a great moment, as it was a long time since I had visited my school.

My teachers gave me a warm welcome and were very happy to meet me for I am here just because of my teachers - and their very great teachers.

Girls Will Change The World

Day-of-the-Girl---SAWERA-7Today, the aim of my visit was to celebrate International Girls' Day.

First, I chatted with my teacher and, after that, I gave just a brief description about the event and my aim. She was very happy to listen, for she was also celebrating the event in her school. She introduced me to all the little kids and students in a very good and proud way.

She also told them the importance of the event - International Girls' Day.

She told them that this is a day to celebrate the fact that girls will change the world and have the power to bring change to this world.

Girls' Empowerment is Key

The empowerment of girls is the key to development in this country and all over the world. 

International Girls' Day is also about celebrating that violence and discrimination should be avoided and the girls have equal and basic rights in all societies and communities.

She also told them the importance of education especially for girls – that they would be better to attend school than other activities. If girls will get educated they will make their future bright and the country will be more developed, too.

The head mistress of the school also conveyed her message to the government, and national and international donors regarding the school building's condition that they should give more attention for the development of school and provide more place for the school.

People are getting more awareness about the importance of education with the passage of time, and the number of the students increases day by day –  which is a very good thing, but the school building is too congested; there is no open place for assembly and for singing the national anthem.

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Inspiring Teachers

Other teachers also expressed their opinions and view about the importance of education; the most important thing in life is that when girls get educated they become more aware about their own rights and also know more about wrong and right.

They also gave views about early child marriages how this ruins the future not only of girls, but also the future of Pakistan, as the girls – the new generation, are the future of a country.

Child marriages will stop existing with their generation. Today is the opportunity to end the child marriages.

One of junior teachers was very happy to celebrate such an event in school. She said that this is the first time that an NGO –  a local organization, is celebrating such an event in Hathian, and it’s all possible just because of SAWERA.

“I learnt of SAWERA for the first time and this gave me a very good impression about the work and activities of SAWERA,” she said.

Girls Are the Backbone of the World

She also adds that such meetings and events should be celebrated in this village, because we - girls and women - are part of this country and of this world.

She requested to everyone, through SAWERA, that all people should send their kids –  especially daughters, to school because education is very important for girls: they are the future and foundation of the world. They are like the backbone for their country and for the whole world.

These types of events will convince the people that there is need of more awareness around the world and about the girl child rights.

Students were also very happy and excited to be celebrating such an event for the first time. Students fully participated in this event and showed their excitement through making drawings and charts.

Day by day, as the situation changes, the voice of the girls and boys will be further raised all over the world - and as the world becomes more developed, girls will be able to better reach their potential and will achieve more success.

A Day to Remember the Rest of My Life

At last, all the teachers gave thanks to the SAWERA team as well as to the Asia Girls Campaign for celebrating such a great event.

It was such a great and memorable day of my life that I cannot forget this till the end of my life.

I would also to thank to all my teachers especially for my teacher Apagul for allowing me for celebrating this event. You will be always in my prayers.

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