Women's WorldWide Web Helps SAWERA's Plans to Educate Pakistan's Tribal Women

By Hina Gul, HR Manager, SAWERA

It's an honour for me today to write something about Women's WorldWide Web (W4). SAWERA is privileged to have recently formed a partnership with W4. We share common ideas and principles which form the foundation of the partnership.

Women's WorldWide Web (W4) is an online collaborative platform dedicated to empowering girls and women around the world, through education, microfinance, access to ICTs and networking - co-creating opportunities for girls and women to thrive.

SAWERA is launching an educational scholarship programme in the honour of late Farida Afridi, to pay to tribute her and her inspirational work.

Ms Afridi respectfully challenged tradition and cultural norms, and worked to enable women to get their rights and the basic right to education - the most important asset of women’s lives.

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Women's WorldWide Web has launched an appeal for funds for this educational programme:

Offer a “Farida Afridi” educational scholarship for a young woman in Pakistan’s tribal regions

The mission of this educational scholarship is to build a visibly women-educated community on national level in Pakistan.

This will give more strength to female students to get education and help fulfil their potential. Through entering the field of education, students will find their future to be brighter.

Students of FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan) will be able to benefit from this scholarship, enabling them to avoid a student’s loan - education is most important component of life.

Education can lead to more homes being built, more ideas being created, a better understanding of ethics etc.  This educational scholarship will assist selected tribal students who want to obtain an education without getting into debt. The scholarship is designed to be a gift for those worthy and able students who sincerely want to be educated to a high level, as the great and first step towards further education.

This is very important to me personally, as my community is important to me. If my community becomes educated, that will also fulfill my aspirations.

I am really grateful to sisters Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke - Founder and Managing Director of W4, Maria Cristina Paparo - Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Ashworth - Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Brittany Tanasa - Content Manager, and the whole entire team of W4, on behalf of SAWERA management for such a great initiative and support of SAWERA in this noble cause.

SAWERA needs support more and more, as our work and plans develop.

Women's WorldWide Web website:

Donate to the Scholarship Fund (via W4)