Day-of-the-Girl-Child-2012Day of the Girl, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2012.

By Hina Gul, Human Resources Manager, SAWERA, September 2013

We want justice and protection.

Where should I start even though I do not know.. but when I heard about the 5 year-old girl that what they did to her I was shocked – and cried.

How they can do this with a 5 years old girl? How come they are so mean and cruel?

Is this is the world with wisdom where we living?

People are blind or they ignoring even they do not want to ignore as the world is become a hell for women and children? Why do all these happen with women, young girls, and now children?

Why are they only suffering?

These questions are in my mind and I am asking from myself all the time, do we have any right to live here in this world free? I do not know that what people are thinking but my mind is totally sucked and empty.

I really do not understand that how can I express my feelings and how to find the right words to condemn this.

Is this is the way that we want to live, so full of tensions, and worries? We are living in an independent country, an independent world, but where is our freedom, as women?

The situation has become worse.

In this world living in a normal way is difficult. Everyone is scared and parents are upset and they do not let out their children to outside of home.

When children are at school they often become upset – before that, the children are happy and with no tension.

When I heard the news about the 5-year-old girl who raped by a gang in Lahore, I was crying and that time my little sister was with me; she is 9 years old and she asked me again and again, “Why are you crying and what happened?”

But my answer was just silence, just silence. What should I say and what not? I did not get any response from myself that time, and I just thought that how can people do this with a 5 year- old. Oh My GOD.

I do not read news papers; do not watch television just because there is no any good news on TV and News papers. Watching TV and reading newspapers – these just make a disturbance to read such bad news around the world, as this is not only happens in Pakistan, and this is not the first time.

I do not believe and hope that these cruel people will get punished, but I hope that still there are people living with full wisdom. If this thing happened with 5 year old girl, then tomorrow another daughter of the nation – the world will be the next target – but the world will be silent and will never condemn this news, this event.

People raised their voices and condemned the situation and protested for a short time, but when they found no answer. They went back to their homes and continued living normally and forgot what happened.

We are trying to improve women's status and make them empowered, but now children are unsafe and so are girls – not even a young girl.

We should remember the feelings that when a child is crying and we feel sad that he/she has the pain or why they are crying.

These are the real feelings that we cannot bear even the crying of a child – then how can such a cruelty with innocent children?

This is our responsibility to protect children, not to harm them and to act for well being for children and everyone. In this world we are for love, caring, and for the sake of love. Children and women are highly vulnerable and marginalized and suffering everywhere, especially children do not understand that how to protect themselves – they do not even understand about wrong and right.

Children are like angels and they just need attention, care and love. We should speak out for their protection as they are the future of not a country but for a world. Everyone knows the reality and has the information and knowledge that there are billions of children who are targeted by the evil powers, by cruel people.

I am not blaming a person, we are all involved in this crime whether it happens with women or children – even with all human beings, because we are silent and do not raise our voice for the protection of children and women and all human beings.

I will not say children and women because for me, human beings – whether they are children or women or even males – not the thing is about that women and children are suffering everywhere globally.

I do not think that in this world I can find out a place, a corner, where I feel that, yes, here is the place where we are safe.

I have spoken for women, peace, education and empowerment, and I also speak about children as we should have concern for the future of children and future leaders.

I am praying for everyone that GOD give us more strength and power to have fight with evils. Amin