Day-of-the-Girl-SAWERA-2Photo: SAWERA

By Hena Gul, HR Manager, SAWERA, October 2013

On December 19th, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare 11th October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.

For its second observance, the focus is: “Innovating for Girls’ Education”.

Girls face double discrimination due to their gender and age, and are the most marginalized and vulnerable community across the globe. This is the common issue faced globally, and this is a fact that a number of girls cannot go to school just because they are girls.

Change is occurring and this change will promote girls rights in a positive and broader way.

Girls are precious just like our boys. Girls also should have a respectable status and position in the society. The 11th October observation is for celebrating girls’ education – that girls have their basic right to have access to good education.

Education is important for all, but especially for girls. Girls and boys who can learn to write and read can prepare for their future in a better way. Education is a powerful tool to bring positive changes. Education is important as it gives the knowledge of the entire world and it develops a good perception of life for all.

It develops a responsible generation for proper conducts as well as creating positive ways for a better future not only for themselves, but for the whole world.

Significant progress has been made in improving girls’ access to education in last two decades; however, a number of girls from the most marginalized communities are still deprived of their basic rights.

This is a global problem: there still are a number of girls who cannot attend schools, who cannot get education due to a lot of reasons like financial backgrounds, safety measures, cultural norms, and values. It is very difficult for girls to have a good type of education as many girls have other responsibilities within their home which keeps them away from getting a good education; these factors reveal a poor quality of knowledge and information.

11th October is a special day and it’s to have a special focus on girls' rights in the entire world.

Females and girls are neglected in every field and they are not allowed to talk even on their basic rights. This day is for girls so they can give their voice to their words and give them practical shape. They do not need any permission or approval for expressing their views as this day is also a girls' Independence Day, and it is the symptom of betterment.

The situation can be better not only in Pakistan, but all over the world, regarding girls’ rights issues.

Government agencies and the social sector have powerful tools: they can be used for more improvements in girls' education. These are the responsibility of each government of each country – and especially in developing countries to improve public and private transportation for girls, separately.

There also should exist the best institutions for girls, where for each subject, a subject specialist is available to teach it and can provide the best knowledge about any subject.

Free education can give benefit to all those females and kids who cannot afford an education due to weak financial backgrounds and through this way, literacy levels can increase and the drop-out ration will decrease from schools and institutions.

In today's world, information technology is very important. Without this, nobody can move forward, especially in Pakistan.

There should be a subject specialist for computer and information technology; information technology can also be part of government and private schools as this is very clear: in Pakistan and other developing countries, people have no strong financial background to afford a basic education – so how they will go for further education?

I can see the changes, not only in Pakistan but globally, regarding female education and empowerment. Change will happen with the passage of time and a new world will soon be realised, where females will have full wisdom with their basic rights, as now they are getting information and awareness about their importance within society.

The time is not so far away when Pakistan will be at the top of developed countries regarding women’s empowerment and independence, where women will be a symbol of respect, wisdom, change, and empowerment.

And last but not the least, the impact of education cannot be denied at any stage of life. Education can bring changes, and it results in increased incomes, improved health, promotion of gender equity and equality, and a lot of other things.

I really wish to see each child of the world to have the best education because they are the future leaders – and tomorrow we will learn from them.