By Hena Gul, HR Manager, SAWERA - Jan 2014

SAWERA is a women's organization working for women’s empowerment in the Federally Adminstered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

SAWERA always focuses on women’s issues and tries to empower them in each context.

Still in Shock From Dual Targeting

Sometimes I'm really confused and my fingers and mind both become stuck about what to write and what not.

Words are blowing in my mind and I cannot find suitable words.

SAWERA has been targeted twice for our efforts and work.

In July 2012, the co-founder and HR manager of SAWERA, Farida Afridi was killed by unknown millitants.

In March 2013, SAWERA's head office exploded due to a bomb blast attack. SAWERA's office, vehicles, all the laptops, computers, printers, photocopier, cameras, furniture, and other electronics were fully damaged.

Your Support Enables Recovery

SAWERA-rebuildingIn that critical condition, people from around the world have really suppported SAWERA.

Safe World for Women and the Women's Worldwide Web (W4) supported SAWERA to help with recovery from our critical condition.

Wth the blessing of God and support from the Safe World for Women and W4, SAWERA rebuilt and reconstructed the office building, but still, SAWERA is still recovering from all the losses.

It is fortunate that SAWERA still engages in all efforts to do more work for the betterment of women and all human beings.

Our Work Continues

With the blessing of God and the prayers of people, SAWERA has recently enaged in further projects and we have a large number of staff to handle the daily routine field and office activities.

Urgent Need for Laptops & Computers

However, due to the lack of resources like computers and laptops, it's really hard for us to manage all our staff as this is our current requirement for the daily reporting.

We need to provide them laptops and computers and as we are in recovery stage, it's hard for us to provide even a functional laptop – and for this reason, our actvities and work are suffering.

At this stage, SAWERA needs your continued support as we are all together.

Creating Leadership Qualities in Women & Youth

This is the blessing of God that after the critical conditions, SAWERA was able to continue carrying out a project entitled “ACT FOR CHANGE” with the Insan Foundation Trust, funded by UN WOMEN in Muhmand Agency FATA to involve women in decision-making, and encouraging and nourishing young minds to create leadership qualities among them.

Helping Internally Dispaced Persons

Dec-2013-SAWERA-2Recently, SAWERA implemented a project for the off-camp IDPs (internally displaced persons) in District Peshawar with the collaboration of CARE International.

The project is basically a cash-based intervention project and provides cash support to women through a conditional cash grant (CCG) and cash for work activities (CFW).

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Your Support Makes a Big Difference

Dec-2013-SAWERA-6Our goal is to empower women and bring positive change in this world.

We believe that, with your support, we will do more and better work. You can be assured that SAWERA will be able to create an environment for all to express their views, share their ideas, and work in a better way for the future.