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I tried to encourage him among the other children who have been teasing him. I told him and other children that height, color, features, and family background do not matter...  If we all will support each other and if we all will encourage each other, our world will be a beautiful place to live in...


Hina told me that they have spent their life in very difficult circumstances due to her mother’s illness and their poverty; even now, their home is not secure – their rooms are without doors, and they are living without the basic necessities of life.

I encouraged her to come to my free school and I am committed to teach her...

Sewing Centre

Norin is a 27 year-old woman; her father is in prison due to some reason... She is a very good tailor. I hired her as a teacher in our stitching centre... Last week she got her first salary.


Why does a woman have to live with a man who does not love her, respect her, and who denies her all rights, and humiliates her all the time?

How will things be changed for the women here? This is the question.


I asked why her sister had not come to the learning centre; she said, “Sister has gone to her home because she is married." - It was a forced marriage.

She has said she will commit suicide... Her husband is threatening that if she returns to her family, he will kill her brothers and keep her sisters without marrying them.


Rasoola Mami is 70 years old and has nine children...

She has joined Zephaniah Free School. She sits among very young children, and learns to read and write... they help her in learning to write and to understand new things.


Our confidence is being broken and still we are “wrong” if we take a stand against harassment...

We need to make women educated; we need to make women empowered, and we need to make women secure at home and out of home.


I have a dream for women of this world. Where women will be educated and skilled. Where they will be safe, and respected as human beings....


Her aunt always said Zarah will be her daughter in-law... Zarah started dreaming of a man who would love her.

One night, the boy came to force her to make love with him...

She had committed a sin that cannot be forgiven by the society...  one night Zarah hanged herself with a fan and passed away....


Since my childhood, I have heard this one thing - that behind every successful man there is a successful woman. But still we ask why - here in the developing world - we are not successful nations, and have a very low literacy rate, poverty... We have not yet played a vital role in the progress of the world...


My student' s sister got married when she was just 6 months old. When she was 12, she went to her husband's home as a wife... People often tell girls from a very early age that they will get married - and they train them to be a good wife who has to obey the husband at any cost.